faqsQ: How do I complete the Greater Toledo History Trail Passport?
A: Collect stamps at all of our Heritage Sites (print a Passport HERE) to earn a free Greater Toledo History Trail sticker set when you submit your completed passport. You can get your sticker set at one of our two Official Trailheads: The National Museum of the Great Lakes or the Toledo History Museum.

Q: How long does it take to tour all of the Heritage Sites?
A: While we encourage you to relax and enjoy your trip, we know that proper planning is a necessity. That said, you should allow at least a few days to visit all of our Heritage Sites.

Q: How far are the Heritage Sites from each other?
A: Some are as close as a few miles and others are much farther. 

Q: When a visitor arrives at a Heritage Site with their History Trail Passport, should they tell someone they are part of the program?
A: Yes, visitors should present their History Trail Passport to receive the authorized stamp.

Q: Is this program recommended for children? What ages?
A: Visitors of all ages will enjoy visiting Heritage Sites in Greater Toledo. For example, at the Sylvania Historical Village, in addition to the historical buildings, there is a train kids can climb on.

Q: Is there a cost or fee involved?
A: The Greater Toledo History Tail Passport is free, however at each Heritage Site the usual entry fees will apply.

Q: Do I have to take a tour to receive a stamp in my Passport?
A: No, but our program does require visitors to physically visit a Heritage Site in order to receive a stamp in their History Trail Passport. You do not have to take a tour.

Q: What about programs for large groups?
A: If there are 10 or more people in your group, please call ahead to the Heritage Sites that you plan to visit to give them a head’s up.

Q: Where should I start my journey on the Greater Toledo History Trail?
A: Anywhere! The Greater Toledo History Trail is not a geographic route – so there is no official beginning or end. You’re free and welcome to start at any one of our Heritage Sites.

Q: Are there any times during the year that some Heritage Sites aren’t open?
A: Several of our Heritage Sites have official seasons they are open for visitors. Please visit each site’s website for full details.

Q: Are the Heritage Sites handicap accessible?
A: While our Heritage Sites make every effort to comply with all legal building code requirements, visitors should contact each site individually with specific accessibility questions.